Since 20/09/2019 all DMCA reports will be officially ignored and any file reported and deleted from any host will be re-upped.

We are not liable to any US laws. DMCA is applied by many outside the US out of good faith.
Keep reporting us has no use if you didn’t notice by now. Cloudflare is not a host. All they can do is forward your complaint to the host which is a dead-end.

There are many hosts that officially ignore DMCA and they are much cheaper and with more benefits.

This site is a hobby. Trying to shut us down will only result in us responding with multiple mirror domains, to hosts that will simply ignore your requests just to prove that what you do has no effect.

And we will do it in a flashy way too.

There are ways to ask and do things and there are ways.

If you feel that we infringe any of your client’s work, just let us know.


Wherever there is a man who exercises authority, there is a man who resists authority.”

– Oscar Wilde

You call it Piracy, We call it Freedom